Scholarship Information

Keep in mind some helpful tips from the federal government and visit the link for more tips.
  • You Don’t Have to Pay for Help Finding Money for College
    • You shouldn't have to pay for help finding scholarships. 
    • If you're unsure whether to pay a company for help finding financial aid, stop and think for a minute: What's being offered? Is the service going to be worth your money? Do the claims seem too good to be true? You might have heard or seen these claims at seminars, over the phone from telemarketers, or online:
    • "Buy now or miss this opportunity." Don’t give in to pressure tactics. Remember, the "opportunity" is a chance to pay for information you could find yourself for free. Check out our list of free sources of scholarships listed below instead.
    • "We guarantee you’ll get aid." A company could claim it fulfilled its promise if you were offered student loans or a $200 scholarship. Is that worth a fee of $1,000 or more?
    • "I've got aid for you; give me your credit card or bank account number." Never give out a credit card or bank account number unless you know the organization you are giving it to is legitimate. You could be putting yourself at risk of identity theft.
    • "You've been selected by a ‘national foundation' to receive a scholarship or You're a finalist in a contest" (that you didn't enter).
      Be careful. Before you send money to apply for a scholarship, do your research. Make sure the foundation or program is legitimate. Some places imitate federal foundations, agencies, and corporations. They might even have official sounding names, using such words as "National" and "Federal" or claim to have a Washington, D.C. location.

Scholarship List
Please see the Google Sheets for upcoming scholarships. You must be signed into your account to be able to view them. The scholarships are divided by due dates. Please click on the tabs at the bottom left corner to view the various months. Be sure to read the instructions of the scholarships thoroughly and carefully. Some have postmarked deadlines while others have "must be received by" deadlines. If you have any questions, please come see us in the library.

Click HEREfor the scholarship list.

Helpful Scholarship Sites:
Please look at the following websites to help you search for available scholarships.
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