List of Classes and Registration

While it may not be time for registration just yet, its never too early to make a plan or to re-evaluate one. Take a look at the manual of studies for course descriptions and sequence. Registration will take place during the second quarter so if you want to be proactive, start thinking about your classes now. If you are unsure about a class, meet the teacher and don't be afraid to ask questions. Please be sure to choose wisely, we do not allow students to change courses. The only reason to make changes would be if:
  1. You have an incomplete schedule (missing a period 2 class)
  2. You are placed in the incorrect class (placed in Alg 2 when you should be in Alg 1)
  3. You took a summer school course and your schedule needs to be changed
Be sure to fill out your electives on your registration card completely or you may forfeit the right to choose and will be placed in any open class. While you may not get your first choice, you will get something you chose. There will be NO CHANGES FOR ELECTIVES. Parental requests for elective changes will be denied. On the registration card, there will be a space for parent signature. Your signature indicates that you have looked at your child's registration card and approved the choices. If you have questions regarding classes, please contact your school counselor.

Kalani Manual of Studies 2016