All HIDOE staff, contracted service providers, visitors, and students must complete a wellness check each morning ​before​ going to the school/office.

STEP 1: Check for Symptoms of Illness
If you/your child has any symptoms of illness - do not go to the school/office. Check for the following:

❏ Fever (a temperature of 100°F or higher) 
❏ Chills
❏ Cough
❏ Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 
❏ Fatigue (tiredness, weakness)
❏ Muscle or body aches
❏ Headache
❏ New loss of taste or smell
❏ Sore throat
❏ Congestion or runny nose
❏ Nausea or vomiting (stomach ache) 
❏ Diarrhea


STEP 2: Check for Recent COVID-19 Exposure

If you/your child are in quarantine, live in the same household or have had close contact (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes) with someone with COVID-19, or are waiting for COVID-19 test results - do not go to the school/office until quarantine is completed or you are cleared by a health care provider. Please notify your child's Vice Principal:

Class of 2021 VP: Keileen Isono (Keileen.Isono@k12.hi.us)
Class of 2022 VP: Cindee Raymond (Cindee.Raymond@k12.hi.us)
Class of 2023 VP: Ann Nakasone (Ann.Nakasone@k12.hi.us)
Class of 2024 VP: Maureen Dunn-Anzai (Maureen.Dunn-anzai@k12.hi.us)


Return to School Guidance

These are the minimum requirements to return to school should the student experience any symptoms. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact your Vice Principal. 

Per DOE Health and Safety Handbook, page 6: https://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/DOE%20Forms/2020-07%20Health%20and%20Safety%20Handbook%20%28SY%202020-21%29%20Version%201.pdf